Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Limited Edition Print Available!

It’s official!
In honor of Aaron Smith's upcoming NYC exhibition "Past the Pillars of Hercules" The artist and Sloan Fine Art will be issuing a limited edition Giclee’ print. 
“Fallalish”, 2013, Giclee’ Print, edition of 50, signed by the artist, 24” x 18” 
The print will be released in November but collectors can pre-order now at a special price at:  
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sloan Fine Art Presents Aaron Smith


                Smart Clothes Gallery
                154 Stanton Street
                 New York, NY 10002

                 October 25th, 6-9pm

                 October 26 - November 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Collaborative works by Dan Barry and Jana Brike will be featured at THE METRO SHOW, JANUARY 24-27, 2013 AT THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION, 125 WEST 18TH STREET NYC NY

Dan Barry and Jana Brike initially met as many creative people do these days - via social media. Their chance online meeting quickly evolved, however, into a true friendship and collaborative working relationship, the great distance between Austin, Texas and Riga, Latvia notwithstanding. For several years, Dan and Jana have been co-creating artworks, each adding touches in their own studios and then periodically sending the works-in-progress back and forth via the postal service. The result is a collection of emotionally charged, texturally beautiful pieces that intriguingly blend both artists’ idiosyncratic styles.

As solo artists, Barry and Brike have each exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe. They will be showing their artworks along side of one another in June 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012


Curated by Alix Sloan
Group Exhibition: September 20 through 29, 2012
Reception for the Artists: September 22nd, 5 to 8 pm
SoHo Arts Walk: September 20th, 6 to 8pm
FA (Heidi Leigh & Nick Leone) and Sloan Fine Art (Alix Sloan) are pleased to present “Awakened,” an exhibition and fundraising event inspired by, and benefitting, the pet companions that brighten all of our lives. For this special ten-day exhibition, curator Alix Sloan has challenged over sixty artists to create works inspired by the powerful impact of animals in our lives and homes. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to Adopt-a-Pet.com in support of their mission to help find loving homes for homeless pets.
Participating artists, including several from Sloan Fine Art and AFA’s rosters, include: Charles Addams, Jessicka Addams, Jennybird Alcantara, Nicole Alvarez, Nana An, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Carrie Anne Baade, Rebekah Bogard, Mia Brownell, Tim Burton, Bill Carman, Bryan Cunningham, Jason D’Aquino, Michelle Doll, Peter Drake, Nicole Etienne, Eric Finzi, Marc Finzi, Erik Foss, Theodor Geisel, Kady Grant, Leontine Greenberg, Linda Griggs, Gris Grimly, Evan B. Harris, Jason Holley, Anthony Iacono, Kate Javens, Lisa Lebofsky, Travis Louie, Julia Marchand, Elizabeth McGrath, Gabriela Mesa-Jonassen, Scott Musgrove, Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters, Joshua Petker, Ransom & Mitchell, Kirk Reinert, Martha Rich, Paul Richard, Ron Richter, Chris Roberts-Antieu, Jean-Pierre Roy, Jonny Ruzzo, Isabel Samaras, Charles M. Schulz, Ryan Scully, Maurice Sendak, Heather Sherman, Nathan Skiles, Sally Sloan, Aaron Smith, Owen Smith, Nathan Spoor, Jonathan Viner, Melanie Vote, Lindsey Way, Casey Weldon, Eric White and Brad Woodfin.
In addition to the exhibition of original artwork, hard to find prints by Nicoletta Ceccoli, Tom Everhart, Shepard Fairey, Camille Rose Garcia, Daniel Merriam, and Marion Peck will be available in a live auction, led by celebrity pet expert Pia Salk, the night of the reception.

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