Sunday, February 28, 2010


Renoir's Late Paintings (As seen at LACMA's "Renoir in the 20th Century")

Part of Speech : Noun

Definition : Paintings made by an aging, arthritic artist who seems to have been a perfectly nice man.

Synonyms : abhorrence, affect, awkwardness, banality, boiler, booby trap, charade, chicanery, cliche', contrivance, corn, crime, crap, disappointment, drollery, dupery, eyesore, fakery, fibbery, fluff, fog, fraud, frippery, gaucherie, gaudiness, gewgaw, hoax, hokum, hodge-podge, howler, jest, lapse, mendacity, mess, mishmash, muddle, nuisance, pretense, ruse, saccharin, sham, shibboleth, subterfuge, stew, syrup, vulgarity.

Antonyms : Late Bonnard, Late Cezanne, Late Degas, Late Monet, Late Picasso.


  1. that's amazing. my thoughts exactly when I saw the street posters.

  2. Yes, Renoir's early paintings suffer from their sentimentality, but at least they have a semblance of structure and color theory. He will always suffer when being compared to the clear eyed and merciless Degas, the edgy Manet, or the aesthetic and intellectual Cezanne.

  3. this is what i reference when i feel 30 pounds heavier. blleeggghhh.